Expodata, taking into account the specific requirements of each exhibition and conference, designs and implements web software entirely dedicated to the needs of each event. Expodata’s IT team creates solutions that fit each organization, ensuring the perfectly organized attendance of visitors and exhibitors, and creating and managing a database - real Marketing tools for each organizer.

The process begins with online pre-registration, where, via specially created online forms in Greek, English and any other language requested, visitors and exhibitors have the opportunity to input and register their business details and receive an automatic email verification with their own personal barcode, ensuring their fast entry into the venue. Furthermore, by sending personalized mass emails with barcodes, the organizer has the right to invite all the guests they want in the fastest and most cost-efficient way. In conjunction with invitations from exhibitors with an integrated bar code, each invitation is fully traceable and is counted in the attendance figures of the event.

During the exhibition/conference, the guests that have already been provided with their personal barcode (via online pre-registration, mass email, or invitations from exhibitors), they will enter the event area, passing through the specially designed entrances equipped with barcode scanners. All other visitors are directed to the reception areas, which are serviced by Expodata’s qualified Secretarial staff. There, in the on-site registration areas, the staff prints out the computerized card credentials (entry badges badges). In particular, each visitor, after providing the Secretariat staff with their business details, receives their unique input card with his or her own personal barcode in order to be able to visit the event throughout its duration.

The organizer of the exhibition or conference at all times has access to the online, real-time statistics of the event, where a complete picture of traffic is recorded, with figures such as hourly attendance and geographical guest origin, their professional classification, etc.

The reception area of the exhibition / conference is equipped with our own servers, desktop and laptop computers, thermal printers, barcode scanners, a network set up and supported by Expodata technicians (both physically and remotely via cloud) 24 hours a day. Our company has all necessary technical equipment to meet the needs of even the most complex organizational reports and conferences.